Long-distance and Short-distance Moving Tips

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Long-distance and Short-distance Moving Tips

Growing up with a military dad, we moved all over the country. I went to 12 different schools before I went to college! It is easy to see how I learned a lot about moving throughout my life, and now that I am semi-retired, I decided to make a blog to share moving tips with anyone who needs them to fill my free time. I actually really miss moving around, because I always felt like after moving to every new area, I had the chance to become whoever I wanted to be. I also never had to worry about doing something embarrassing in school and being made fun of it for years! I hope you can learn from my moving experience stories and tips I plan to post here. Check back often!


3 Tips To Have An Easier Home-Moving Experience

Do you need to move to a new home quickly? Are you having concerns over whether or not you'll be able to do everything in time? Moving can be extremely stressful, especially when it needs to be done in a short time frame. It can feel like there are a million things to do and only a few minutes to do them in. But there are some things that can make the whole process easier on yourself. A few of the things that you might want to try include: 

Hire professionals: Professional moving services are the best way to get your stuff to a new location without having to worry about whether you have enough friends and/or family show up to help you move. Depending on the company, you can also hire professionals to do the packing for you. This leaves you with more time for things like forwarding your mail, arranging for utilities to be turned on/off, and so on. Even if you have a relatively small amount of items to be moved, it can still be worth hiring professionals just to have one less item on your to do list. 

Pack a "survival" kit: Even though you might hire moving services to help you with the move, with all of the other things that might need to be done to complete the moving process, it could be a few days before you actually start to unpack. Until then, without a "survival" kit, you're going to have a harder time living in your new home. In this kit of essentials, include enough soap for bathing and/or washing dishes, a towel or two, and at least one pan for making simple meals. Try to keep this kit small but include things that you're most likely going to need in the first 48-72 hours of arriving at your new place. 

Stop grocery shopping: One of the hardest things to move properly is food. Professional moving services can easily handle a box or two of dried or canned goods but dealing with refrigerated food is another matter. Instead of having to figure out what to do with everything or, worse, simply throwing it all out, do your best to eat up as much as possible before your moving date. If you're not feeling creative enough to figure out what to do with your random assortment of ingredients, there are multiple websites out there where you can input what you have and they will suggest things you can make out of it. This will not only allow you to reduce the amount of stuff to be moved but can also give you more time because it's not being used for grocery shopping or picking up unhealthy fast food somewhere.