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Long-distance and Short-distance Moving Tips

Growing up with a military dad, we moved all over the country. I went to 12 different schools before I went to college! It is easy to see how I learned a lot about moving throughout my life, and now that I am semi-retired, I decided to make a blog to share moving tips with anyone who needs them to fill my free time. I actually really miss moving around, because I always felt like after moving to every new area, I had the chance to become whoever I wanted to be. I also never had to worry about doing something embarrassing in school and being made fun of it for years! I hope you can learn from my moving experience stories and tips I plan to post here. Check back often!


Want To Finish Your Basement? Rent A Storage Unit For Your Stored Belongings

If you have an unfinished basement in your house, you may grow interested in finishing it when you know that your family could use the extra space and functionality. But, you may not be ready to get started with this kind of project when you are using the basement to store belongings.

Trying to find storage space throughout the rest of your home without creating clutter or overcrowding your items may not be possible. Fortunately, you can look forward to a reliable solution in renting a storage unit where you can put everything that you are currently storing.


When you put things down into your basement for storage, you may have packed some of them. However, even though you may be able to put these packed bins or boxes into storage, you should consider assessing them to determine whether they are packed optimally. If you want to stack boxes in your storage unit, you do not want to worry about the risk of boxes collapsing.

Putting heavy items on the bottom, evening out the weight between boxes, and filling every box to the top even if you only have lightweight items at the top will give you reliable packing.


Organizing your storage unit is not something that you have to do if you have a large enough unit that you can fit everything inside with a single or double layer of boxes. But, you may not intend on renting such a large unit, which means you should pay attention to organization details.

If you think that you will be using the storage unit for the foreseeable future, you should feel confident investing in storage solutions such as shelving units that you can set up in the space. To protect your furniture, you can also pick up covers to prevent dirt and moisture exposure.

Unit Size

Gathering all your items from the basement into one space will help you choose a unit size that fits everything. But, when you combine your packing and organization efforts, you may be able to reduce how much space you need due to your strategical use of stacking boxes and items. If you are able to replicate what the storage unit will look like, you can figure out exactly what size works for your situation.

When you want to finish your basement, you can get started after renting a storage unit and using these tips for an optimal storage experience. Look for storage unit rentals near you.