Long-distance and Short-distance Moving Tips

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Long-distance and Short-distance Moving Tips

Growing up with a military dad, we moved all over the country. I went to 12 different schools before I went to college! It is easy to see how I learned a lot about moving throughout my life, and now that I am semi-retired, I decided to make a blog to share moving tips with anyone who needs them to fill my free time. I actually really miss moving around, because I always felt like after moving to every new area, I had the chance to become whoever I wanted to be. I also never had to worry about doing something embarrassing in school and being made fun of it for years! I hope you can learn from my moving experience stories and tips I plan to post here. Check back often!


Self-Employed & Moving To A New Home? Essential Tips For An Easy Transition

If you are self-employed, you completely understand that old proverb that says time is money. Your time is valuable, especially since you don't get paid vacation. Any time off you take impacts your wallet, which makes many life circumstances quite challenging. One very time consuming event is moving. The amount of work that is involved is enough to make your head spin. Moving can leave so little time for anything, especially for work. Read More 

Six Tips for Moving Your Wine Bottles Carefully

When you're moving to a new home, you have to take special precautions with expensive or fragile items, and if you have a lot of wine, it falls into both of those categories. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can ensure that your wine collection gets to your new home safely. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 1. Consider climate-controlled shipping or moving services If you have chilled white wine or red wine kept in a cellar, you want to ensure that you move the items at the right temperature. Read More 

Tips That Will Help Make Your Move Easier, Less Stressful & More Organized

Moving from a house you have lived in for years can be a difficult task, especially if you are short on time, but there are ways to stay organized and make it easier and less stressful. The keys to achieving these goals are starting your packing early on and hiring a household moving company for help. Here are some tips that will help you as you start preparing for moving day. Read More 

5 Things to Keep in Mind About Paying for Your Move

Moving, especially long distances, can be a large expense for most homeowners. It is common to be concerned about getting the best price for a move and budgeting appropriately. However, one thing many homeowners fail to consider when thinking about moving finances is the logistics of paying for their move. Below are some things to keep in mind when paying for your move to make the process go smoothly.  If Asked to Pay a Deposit, You Should Pay with a Credit Card Read More